Solidarity Complex


Synopsis: What means are we willing ot use to pursue justice? This 13 min documentary is an intense meditation on the forms of public protest that emerged in Britain in response to the recent Gaza crisis. It is a thought provoking portrait of the outraged mob and a valuable educational tool.

Since November 2009 J Street U USA has been using Solidarity Complex as one of their replicable ‘Programming to open the debate’ on North American campuses in order to build support for peace and social justice in Israel, the future state of Palestine and across the Middle East.

The film is also been used in workshops across the UK facilitated by the Northwood Interfaith group, Wandsworth Council multi-faith youth group, Windows for Peace UK Youth Dialogue Facilitators training and screened at the Limmud Conference and Limmud Scotland.

Year of Production: 2009

Running Time: 14 mins 4 secs

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